A New Approach to Drip Campaigns


Patience and persistence are the most powerful forces available to people who want to make change. That’s why, for marketers, drip campaigns are such an effective tool for persuasion. Not only do they allow you to do more with less, but also, they nurture your leads, inching them closer and closer to conversion.

Earlier this year, we work closely with Speek to make their drip campaigns even more powerful – driving their user activation rate up to 20% higher than other methods.

“Drip campaigns, in particular, really drive our activation rate in a meaningful way.”

– Matt Turner, CTO at Speek

What Is Speek and How Do They Use Drip Campaigns?

Speek is a fresh look at conference calling. They replace the outdated number, pin, and password system, with a link and a click. They’re an incredible new experience for anyone that’s been apart of a messy conference call.

The goal with Speek was to get that experience out to as many people as possible. One of the ways they did that was with drip campaigns.

So, What are Drip Campaigns?

Drip campaigns are automated emails that are sent to move leads down the sales funnel. Companies will “drip” relevant information over a period of time based on an action (a newsletter sign up or a welcome email) in order to keep their company top of mind or to reengage with a customer.

Drip campaigns covert your prospects into customers by subtly reminding them who you are, what you do, and what that means for them.

Traditionally, drip campaign emails are triggered after a certain email is sent (welcome email, payment receipt, etc.), but with Speek we built a new approach to drip campaigns – one that focuses on events rather than emails.
Event Based Drip Campaigns

By focusing their drip campaigns around specific events, Speek is able to send emails at key times in a users experience of their service. They’re able to provide relevant, personalized information to customers who have just signed up or who have just tried their first conference call.

Events allow Speek to segment their users based on the action they’ve taken, so that their drip campaign can send strategically targeted emails to nurture leads, build interest, and encourage engagement.

How Drip Campaigns Work

The Facts:

– 50% of leads are qualified, but not yet read to buy (Source: Gleanster Research)

– 35 – 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first (Source: InsideSales.com)

Drip campaigns convert prospects into consumers by giving prospects the information they need to make a purchasing decision over a series of scheduled emails. Because trust isn’t built in a day, these emails keep your product top of mind and allow people to talk themselves into buying over time.

“We are really trying to use drip campaigns to help educate our customer base on the full value proposition of Speek… it takes sometime to change user behavior and the emails we send are a key component to that.”

– Matt Turner, CTO at Speek


Speek understands that conversion is a marathon, not a sprint. They use event based drip campaigns to give users the right information at the right time to move them through the sales cycle. Their scheduled drips allow them to be patient, but they don’t let anyone fall through the cracks.

Speek was up and running with us in just a few hours. For a demo of Sendwithus drip campaigns and our other features, check out Sendwithus.com

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