A Pirate’s Guide to Email

During YCombinator, word got around that there was an email company in the batch, and there was a corresponding steady increase in other founders asking us how they could improve their email. We’re always more than happy to answer these kinds of questions, but to save everyone some time in the long run, we’ve begun to compile some of the more useful answers into a guide for anyone and everyone that wants to send better emails.

To that end, we’re really excited to announce the first chapter in our Pirate’s Guide to Email. Chapter 1 is focusing specifically on using well-crafted welcome emails to bridge the gap between acquisition and activation. And we promise to take it easy on the pirate references.

A Pirate's Guide to Email

Everything’s better with a friend, right? Joanna Wiebe, copywriter extraordinaire and CopyHackers.com founder lent a hand to make this chapter on acquisition the best it can possibly be. Thanks Joanna!


This is a “lean launch”. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be moving through the rest of the customer acquisition funnel, going over the strategies and best practices we know to work best. Of course, if there’s anything in particular you want us to cover, you should give us a shout.


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