Your New Email Super Power: Device Testing With Litmus

We’ve been working on a killer new upgrade to Sendwithus that will improve your experience creating, updating, and testing your emails. It will also help you better understand your customers’ experience.

Last year, we rolled out the side-by-side code editor/preview, along with click-to-scroll functionality that finds the line of code responsible for any element you click on in the preview.

This year, we want to raise the bar even more so we’re introducing Device Testing, powered by Litmus.


Happy Holidays From Sendwithus

As everyone here is taking time to be with their families and pets, our in-app live chat support will be unavailable from December 18th to January 3rd. API and Dashboard functionality will be unaffected.

If you run into any issues, you can reach us at, which we‘ll be keeping an eye on everything, as always.

If you just want to wish us a Happy Robanukah, Life Day, Festivus, or other holiday of your choice, catch us on twitter, @send_with_us.

Sendwithus Holiday


Important Update For
Message Bus Customers

Earlier this week, Message Bus announced that they’re going to be shutting down their email delivery service.

Message Bus has always been a trusted delivery partner and we’ve enjoyed working closely with their team over the last couple years. We’re sad to see them close their doors, but also pretty excited to see what the team works on next.

Current Message Bus customers will be transitioned to SendGrid and will likely be contacted by the Message Bus team in the coming days.


Now Available: Template Folders!

This week, we rolled out a feature that we’ve been really excited about for a while because we know it’s something a lot of our users want: template folders! We’ve been fiddling with the exact functionality based on all of your wonderful feedback, so here’s what it looks like right now.

New Folder under the New dropdown menu

Simply create a new folder just like a new template 


SparkPost + Sendwithus

Today we’re excited to announce our newest ESP integration: Sparkpost – the slightly less enterprisey version of Message Systems’ Momentum platform. When I say slightly less, you should know that the Momentum platform powers email for companies like twitter and facebook, so some of the highest volume transactional senders in the world.

SparkPost Built by Message Systems

SparkPost is still private for now, but we’ve snagged a few invites if you’re in the market – hit up if you’re interested. If you have an invite of your own, connecting your new ESP to sendwithus is super simple. How simple? Well let’s take a look step-by-step, or you can watch this video of Curtis doing it in exactly 60 seconds.


Seed Funding

Today we’re excited to announce we’ve closed a $2.3 million seed funding round lead by Steve Anderson of Baseline Ventures, others investing include: Initialized Capital, SV Angel, Maiden Lane, Acequia Capital, and some amazing angel investors. You can check out the full list on Angel List.

The goal of the funding (which closed earlier this summer) was to bring on board the people and resources we needed to help Sendwithus reach its next milestone. Brad and I look at investment the same way we look at hiring and we think we’ve “hired” some of the best seed and angel investors in the world.


A Pirate’s Guide to Email

During YCombinator, word got around that there was an email company in the batch, and there was a corresponding steady increase in other founders asking us how they could improve their email. We’re always more than happy to answer these kinds of questions, but to save everyone some time in the long run, we’ve begun to compile some of the more useful answers into a guide for anyone and everyone that wants to send better emails.

To that end, we’re really excited to announce the first chapter in our Pirate’s Guide to Email. Chapter 1 is focusing specifically on using well-crafted welcome emails to bridge the gap between acquisition and activation. And we promise to take it easy on the pirate references.

A Pirate's Guide to Email