No Newsletter is Good Newsletter

Despite our frequent disapproval of newsletters, we understand that there is a certain need to maintain regular contact with users, even if they’re not constantly engaging. We know how hard it is to give up cold turkey, though, so one of the main goals of assembling our How to Email Like a Startup guide has

Measuring NPS with WuFoo and Free Survey Templates

Here’s a Net Promoter Score (NPS) program that you can launch today to grow your product or service. It’s easy to implement on a limited budget, and it’s a great place to start when you don’t have a lot of resources to invest.

Don’t Start a Drip Campaign

Don’t get me wrong, we here at Sendwithus love drip campaigns. But when we sat down with our friend Noah Kagan of AppSumo to talk onboarding emails, it became very clear that – especially for startups – a drip campaign to address the pain points in your product might be presumptuous. To heal your users’

The Myth of Deliverability: Plain-text vs. HTML

Is there a risk associated with sending HTML email instead of just plain-text? We alluded to this debate in our guide to welcome emails. There we recommended HTML emails with the stipulation that you should test both. The reason for that stipulation, however, was more about preference than deliverability. Does Plain-text Email Really Have 100% Deliverability?

How to Send Email Like a Startup

During Y Combinator, word got around that there was an email company in the batch. And as the program progressed, there was a steady stream of other founders asking us how they could improve their email. We’re always more than happy to answer these kinds of questions, but to make the information available to everyone, we’ve

A New Approach to Drip Campaigns

Patience and persistence are the most powerful forces available to people who want to make change. That’s why, for marketers, drip campaigns are such an effective tool. Not only do they allow you to do more with less, but they also nurture your leads, inching them closer and closer to conversion. We worked closely with