Webinar: User On-Boarding Emails that Drive Customer Success and Free-to-Paid Conversions

Are your free trial users disappearing after sign-up? Do they ignore your on-boarding emails? We can help you fix that.  Sendwithus, in partnership with Chameleon, recently hosted a webinar featuring SaaS on-boarding expert, Alli Blum. Alli shared her strategies for designing an on-boarding email sequence to convert more free-trial users into paying customers. View the

How to Create Effective Workplace Policy

When I started working at Sendwithus, we had a lot of company policies. By a lot I mean they weren’t consistent, they weren’t all in the same place, and employees often needed additional clarification. Our team was also changing dramatically as we doubled our headcount, which meant that some policies needed to change. Over the

The Importance of Candidate Experience

Recruiters should recognize that candidates are a lot like customers — their overall experience, from the application process to on-site interviews, impacts recruitment efforts both short-term and long-term. Just like a customer who has a negative experience with your brand is likely to share that with friends and family, a candidate who has a sub-par

How to Interview for Success in 4 Easy Steps

Like almost every startup, Sendwithus had very little, if any, formal process around interviewing in our early days. Hiring was based on personal interactions, how interviewers felt about interviewees, and answers to the often different questions that were asked of different candidates applying for the same role. And the process was fairly drawn out. TLDR;

QA Testing a Product with Cypress

Do you feel confident your team is shipping code that won’t break production? Building a product is tough: ensuring the promised value of your product matches the value that is delivered can be difficult. Deploying possibly untested code to your application has the potential to break features in unanticipated, and often unseen, ways. Fortunately, your