Sendwithus + Asana = Swusana

At Sendwithus, we love Asana and use it to track all tasks and projects across the company. That said, there are couple of areas that we thought could use some polish. This blog post talks about a tool we created to help make Asana more effective for us, called Swusana. Swusana is an open-source script

Dyspatch Product Update – Introducing Workspaces

Today we’re announcing a crucial Dyspatch update that improves your team’s ability to access, share, approve, and publish templates. This release includes two important changes. First, we’ve simplified user roles and permissions for everyone on your team, streamlining your Dyspatch workflows to achieve approval faster. And second, we’ve established a new way for your team

ICYMI: How to Drive Hyper-Adoption of Your Product

Matt Harris, Sendwithus co-founder and CEO, recently published an article at CustomerThink offering tips on how companies can drive hyper-adoption of their products. Matt talks about the factors that contributed to the hyper-adoption of Slack, the business communication and collaboration platform, and the strategies that contributed to their success. Currently boasting over six million users, Slack