The Email Power Hour and the Value of A/B Testing

In 2016, Sendwithus hosted a recurring event at our San Francisco HQ – The Email Power Hour. We invited local email aficionados and nerds alike to join us for some snacks and drinks while geeking out on email. One of these events focused on the topic of A/B testing.


Sendwithus team member Alex leading the discussion.


No-sletter Volume 2: Fun With Data

In this week’s edition of No-sletter, we’re talking with Morgan Kazan, who runs email marketing for DonorsChoose, an amazing charitable organization that gives donors control over where and how their donations are spent.

As we mentioned in volume 1, an email that warrants a direct, personal response from your user may be the most valuable interaction you can possibly create. So when we asked Morgan about this, she instantly pointed us towards their consecutive annual donations email.



Good Email is Good for Morale

When I talk to people about the emails they’re sending, I like to ask about what they consider to be their most important or valuable email. When I posed this question to Anthony, the CEO over at Sticker Mule, his response was really telling: he talked a bit about proof and shipping notifications, but then said “You know, a year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to answer that question.”

sticker mule logo Continue…

It’s Zappening

The following is a guest post by our friend Alison Groves, from Zapier. Our integration with them went live a few months ago and we’re always looking at how our users are taking advantage. If you want to share your use case or have suggestions, let us know at

Email is one of the most important marketing channels out there, if not the most important. Communicating in emails with your users and customers—in newsletters, on-boarding campaigns, or even password resets—gives you the best way to start a direct conversation. However, doing that in any organized manner, and consistently delivering emails that are on message and effective can quickly become complicated.

Sendwithus boils down that process to be as easy and seamless as possible. Create and update email templates for anything you need to do, and you’re good to go. Then, you can make your life even easier by adding a few automations to your workflow. By connecting Sendwithus to Google Sheets, your landing pages and forms, and even e-commerce platforms, you can bring customers and users right into your email flow without any extra manual work or having to worry about people slipping through the cracks.


That’s where Zapier comes in, by giving you the ability to connect the other apps you rely on to Sendwithus and keep data flowing between them. We asked a few users to share how they were using Zapier to automate their workflows and keep the email train rolling. Continue…

Building the Mall of the Future

“Sendwithus really improves collaboration between our design and editorial teams. Setting up and editing templates is simple and intuitive – even for non-technical users – and snippets are perfect for creating reusable bits of code. Sendwithus has been a great tool for our team and we look forward to using it more as we scale out our email marketing strategy.” – Madhavi Jagdish, Product Designer, Wanelo

Want Need Love Wanelo

The Setup: Wanelo is a digital mall bringing together 350K stores and 12M products into one social platform. With a small team and massive growth, they needed a way to assure that email campaigns didn’t slip through the cracks nor devour brain-hours across multiple teams. Since 90% of Wanelo’s usage occurs on mobile, timing and responsiveness are both really important factors in creating a successful campaign. By using sendwithus, their current team was able to manage that process effectively. Continue…

No Newsletter is Good Newsletter

Despite our frequent disapproval of newsletters, we understand that there is a certain need to maintain regular contact with users, even if they’re not constantly engaging. We know how hard it is to give up cold turkey, though, so one of the main goals of assembling the Pirate’s Guide has always been to highlight and elaborate on great alternatives to the newsletter. So as we were putting together our most recent chapter on the best emails for user retention, we met with our friend Andrea over at 8tracks, to talk about what they did when they got rid of their monthly newsletter.

One really important thing that Andrea mentioned at the outset was that the newsletter was already being outperformed by almost every other type of email they were sending. This is not uncommon and totally in line with our own findings but, crucially, when they asked themselves “How do we get people to read the newsletter?” one of the proposed answers was “Make it… not a newsletter.”8tracks email digest


A New Approach to Drip Campaigns


Patience and persistence are the most powerful forces available to people who want to make change. That’s why, for marketers, drip campaigns are such an effective tool for persuasion. Not only do they allow you to do more with less, but also, they nurture your leads, inching them closer and closer to conversion.

Earlier this year, we work closely with Speek to make their drip campaigns even more powerful – driving their user activation rate up to 20% higher than other methods.

“Drip campaigns, in particular, really drive our activation rate in a meaningful way.”

– Matt Turner, CTO at Speek


3 Simple Ways to Write Subject Lines that Get Your Email Opened

What determines a good email? Let’s face it, we decide whether or not to open an email the same way we decide whether or not to open a book, by the cover. And that’s why the key to great email starts with the subject line. After the sender name, subject lines are your first point of contact with a customer. It’s where your company can offer value, pique interest, and invite engagement. So, what makes a good subject line? That’s the question our friends at tackled earlier this year.