Cerberus: A Template that Teaches You to Code Emails

While there are plenty of tools out there that help you draft emails using a friendly interface, your true email potential will always go untapped if you’re not comfortable digging into the code a bit. Since email is largely a sort of self-taught profession (I’ve never met anyone with an email design degree) usually this means digging into an email coded by someone else or–and good luck with this–code generated by one of those editors you used to consider friendly.

Our latest addition to the Open-Source Template Library, Cerberus, is a set of templates that is meant to bridge that gap. If you already have a general idea of how HTML works, but you shudder at the thought of trying to sort out the 239 different tables in some existing code, give em a look!

hybrid template using max-width

The Cerberus templates were created by our friend Ted Goas to serve as basic frames to build on when creating your own designs, but the first step of doing that is deciding between a couple of different design methodologies: Responsive, Fluid, and Hybrid. His rundown of each method’s strengths and weaknesses is a wonderful jumping off point if you’ve been hearing these phrases but have had a hard time nailing down what they mean.

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