Hey there everyone, we’re coming to you live from our new office space, Spacebar Victoria! “Spacebar Victoria is the city’s only dedicated coworking space and it was designed from the outset to appeal to startups like Sendwithus and independent tech workers,” says Shea Phillips, one of the people involved in launching the facility. We just moved in last month, and now that we’re comfy and settled, we wanted to share with you just how awesome it has been for us as a team.


As a small tech startup, the transition into Spacebar has been nothing short of amazing. A tasteful design and modern layout have permitted us to thrive both individually and collectively. We’re surrounded by fellow startups and a handful of freelancers and together we form an awesome community atmosphere with great potential for both networking and friendships alike. “When we conceived Spacebar, we wanted to create a great space where people would love working, but also a space that would encourage collaboration and cross-pollination among the users of the space,” confirms Shea.


We have these awesome mini-meeting rooms called phone booths, lots of cool artwork everywhere, and tons of whiteboard space for brainstorming.  With easy 24/7 access to our new space, we can handle the many goings-on of Sendwithus in our office environment.  We also have awesome access to a plethora of meeting rooms, comfortable couches, and of course plenty of coffee to top it all off. Shea says, “we’ve had really positive feedback about Spacebar’s setup and amenities and we’re constantly looking for ways to make it even better for our users.”


With a prime downtown location that we’re really proud to call home, Spacebar Victoria is definitely worth checking out! Follow Spacebar at @SpacebarVic on Twitter or connect via the Spacebar website. Or, if you’re nearby, stop in and say hello!


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