Stay out of the Penalty Box: Email Deliverability with SendGrid

On November 30, 2016, Luke Martinez of SendGrid and I hosted a webinar about Email Deliverability. Luke is a Deliverability Consultant and helps companies sort out complex issues, guiding them on the road to a great Sender Reputation. You put a lot of time, effort, and energy into your email campaigns, however, no one will read

Startup Slam 3.0

On October 1st, 2016, we held our third annual Startup Slam event in Victoria, BC. The Sendwithus team, in partnership with Workday and the University of Victoria Computer Science Department, took over the Engineering and Computer Science building from 10 AM until 5:30 PM. The event was a whirlwind of activity, with over 300 students, developers,

The Email Power Hour and the Value of A/B Testing

In 2016, Sendwithus hosted a recurring event at our San Francisco HQ – The Email Power Hour. We invited local email aficionados and nerds alike to join us for some snacks and drinks while geeking out on email. One of these events focused on the topic of A/B testing.

The Clash of the Snakes

BattleSnake 2016 was last week, and there is still excitement throughout Victoria about what an amazing event it was! With one hundred more people than expected showing up, BattleSnake turned out to be a 350 person event. That’s three times the number of participants as last year! We took over the entire Engineering and Computer

Startup Slam II: The Reslammening

This past weekend, we held the second annual Startup Slam on the campus of the University of Victoria and it was a blast. First things first: holy smokes, there were a lot of people there. For those that showed up and participated, we’d like to sincerely thank you for being a part of the growing tech community on

#TEDC15 Was Delightful and Diverse and I Can’t Wait to Go Back

The Email Design Conference, or Litmus ConpHerence, as it would have been called if I were in charge (yes, we’re all thankful I wasn’t) was the first conference I’ve been to in my professional career that was legitimately fun without forcing said fun upon you. There were times specifically dedicated to “networking” as it were,

Snaking 2: Electric Boogaloo

It’s been about 48 hours and we’re still de-hyping from BattleSnake 2015, so there’s a lot to cover here. First off, I want to take another opportunity to give a huuuuge thanks to all of our sponsors. The BattleSnake game server was powered by Heroku (a platform we use and love in production), as were all of the team