Gmail Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

As you know by now, over here at Sendwithus we’re a team of Email nerds and like to keep on top of email news and happenings in the email world. Recently, Gmail made a few changes that affect the lives of email designers, developers and strategists – we want to be sure you’re in the know.

Gmail will now support CSS media queries!


This means that coding for emails will be easier and your message will be formatted as originally intended, regardless of viewing on a desktop, portrait mode on a phone, or landscape mode on a tablet; the styles will be able to update based upon width, rotation, and resolution making sure your responsive design emails display great on every device.

Inlining, we are so over.


Previously, Gmail has not supported <style> code of any type in the <head> of an email, which forced email designers to use an inliner to compile their emails and make sure they look pretty. (Sidebar, Sendwithus already had a CSS inliner built into our editor and took care of the extra work for you at send time).  What’s even better is that without all of the extra code of inlining, it’ll also reduce the code size of huge emails – this means less time required for coding and faster load times for subscribers. You can review the official Gmail CSS documentation here.


What’s awesome about this is not only that improvements are being made, but that Gmail even made an announcement of the changes before making the updates. After years of at times, a strained relationship, it seems like a bit of an olive branch between inbox providers and email developers. This Gmail change in addition to the recently announced partnership with Litmus + Microsoft, will hopefully lead to a more cooperative world for all of us in the Email industry.  

Updates will continue to happen over the next couple of weeks to all clients, follow along with our friends at Litmus to catch all of the updates via their ticker. 

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