Good Email is Good for Morale

When I talk to people about the emails they’re sending, I like to ask about what they consider to be their most important or valuable email. When I posed this question to Anthony, the CEO over at Sticker Mule, his response was really telling: he talked a bit about proof and shipping notifications, but then said “You know, a year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to answer that question.”

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In the Long Long Ago

Like many companies that consist primarily of developers, email at Sticker Mule had always lived in the codebase alongside the rest of the guts of their app. But alas, even with a highly technical team, making changes to emails was a hefty process: coding and testing from a local environment and merging into production. There were a couple of obvious issues with this system:

– Insight from analytics was limited to what they could pull from their on-site setup.
– Any content person has to be onboarded into the engineering workflow (i.e. they couldn’t hire a content person)

This meant that there were huge disincentives to improving their emails – not only was the process itself painful, but there was no feedback loop to reward successes or correct failures.

Enter the SWU

So clearly something needed to be done. This is where Sendwithus comes in. In about a week of one developer’s time, they transitioned their entire collection of over 30 transactional emails into our system. Originally, they did this so that they could hire a content person, someone to manage and improve the quality of their emails. But something interesting happened, once there was a system in place to do this simply and with straight-forward feedback, they didn’t need to.

All this isn’t to say that Sendwithus exists to replace your dedicated email team, but enables everyone to contribute to the success of your communications. As it turns out, Sendwithus helped Sticker Mule make both their customers and their company happier.

Something that came up repeatedly while talking to Anthony was that he noticed any improvement that helps the team move faster tends to make everyone happier. By allowing anyone in the organization to update emails and monitor results without bothering engineering, Sendwithus made the entire Sticker Mule team more efficient and, in doing so, boosted morale.

Agile: not just for Development

In a fast-paced development environment where you’re testing and validating everything as you go, it’s surprising how much of a drag it can be on your teams momentum to have a piece that doesn’t fit into that methodology. Sendwithus allowed Sticker Mule to overcome this by giving them the tools to isolate bugs, breaks, and generally underperforming email flows and fix them in minutes without derailing their other projects.

Check out Sticker Mule for yourself at and see all their emails in real life.

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