Using DynamoDB in Production

A few weeks ago, we wrote about migrating our larger data stores from PostgreSQL to DynamoDB. We were hitting our first major growth spike and needed to scale very quickly; DynamoDB was exactly what we needed.

Overall the migration was very successful and our data pipeline is now much faster and easier to scale.

We ran into a few pitfalls along the way, and we wish we had better understood these limitations earlier in the process. Hopefully this post will help other engineering teams decide if DynamoDB is right for them.




#hackwithus July!

On Sunday, July28th, come and join us for #hackwithus July, at Tectoria!

Space is limited, so register now!

Hackathon participants will form teams and compete all afternoon to create the winning AI for a massive multiplayer game.

The challenge will require a wide variety of skill sets, and we’ll be awarding prizes in multiple categories – so whether you’re a designer, a backend engineer, a frontend wizard, or a biz dev genius, you won’t want to miss it!

Friendly competition and plentiful hacking will be fuelled by pizza and beer, provided by sendwithus and event sponsors Kiind and CrowdContent.

Bring your friends, tell your mom, reserve your spot, and get ready to #hackwithus!