Introducing Conversion and Revenue Tracking

Earlier this week we released a new feature to track external conversions events and revenue against your emails sent through sendwithus. We grant you control over how, when, and what gets tracked with our simple conversion API and through your sendwithus dashboard. Take a look at how these things show up in your logs and analytics below and, as always, we’re happy to help you get it set up if you hit any snags, just hit us up at

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How Do I Get Started?

Configure your templates

Conversions only get attributed to the templates that you care about. And, setup is easy – just pick the templates you want to start tracking and sit back. Check out our tutorial video on the process.

Pick the emails and events that you care about

Pick the emails and events that you care about

Send us conversion data

Tracking conversions and revenue is super easy with our simple conversion API. Just send us your conversion data through our API with your customer’s email and an optional revenue amount and let us handle the rest.

POST /customers/


Here is an example use:

  • Customer receives Welcome email
  • Customer clicks on a link to your online store
  • Customer purchases from your store
  • You call our conversion API with revenue data
  • We handle the analytics

Data in your Dashboard

We’ve sprinkled conversion and revenue data throughout the sendwithus dashboard to keep the important data in front of you without changing the way you use the sendwithus dashboard. With just a quick glance, you can see which customers have converted and how much they have converted with.

Conversion events in your logs

Conversion events in your logs

Find your most valuable customers!

Conversions in your Analytics

As we mentioned on our Funzies blog post, conversion tracking is the next big thing at sendwithus HQ! Once you have your conversion and revenue tracking up and running, you will be able to view your conversion, conversion rates, and revenue in your email analytics.

conversion and revenue tracking analytics

And in the analytics dashboard…

Conversions in your analytics dashboard

Conversions in your A/B tests

On top of all of that, you can now view all of your conversion information in your A/B tests – Conversion Rate over time and Average Conversion Revenue over time. See the conversion and revenue data you care about on the emails you care about – and even pick winning emails based on their conversion data.

Conversions in your A/B tests

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6 responses to “Introducing Conversion and Revenue Tracking”

  1. Jason Pelker says:

    I see conversion tracking all over the place, but where is revenue tracking?

  2. Will you add conversions as a trigger or action in Zapier?

  3. Alexandre Lacheze says:

    Is this conversion tracking part of integration?

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