Using DynamoDB in Production

A few weeks ago, we wrote about migrating our larger data stores from PostgreSQL to DynamoDB. We were hitting our first major growth spike and needed to scale very quickly; DynamoDB was exactly what we needed. Overall the migration was very successful and our data pipeline is now much faster and easier to scale. We ran into a

Getting Started with, and Subsequently Breaking, Schema for Gmail

If you’re a Gmail user, you may have noticed an increase over the last year or so of emails including advanced actions directly from your inbox. If you’re a Gmail and a GitHub user, you have definitely noticed. But these exciting new buttons aren’t just for the nerds at GitHub. You can make use of

Taking Our Own Advice

Here at Sendwithus, we like to practice what we preach, and one thing we spend a lot of time talking about is how to remove developers from what are essentially marketing workflows. In fact, most of what we’ve built has been specifically to address that. Complex web applications are dangerous places for content creators and

Important Update for Message Bus Customers

Earlier this week, Message Bus announced that they’re going to be shutting down their email delivery service. Message Bus has always been a trusted delivery partner and we’ve enjoyed working closely with their team over the last couple years. We’re sad to see them close their doors, but also pretty excited to see what the team works

From PostgreSQL to DynamoDB

When PostgreSQL Did Everything In the early stages of Sendwithus, we used one Heroku Postgres instance for everything. It was very fast to set up, easy to maintain, and reasonably priced. We could backup, migrate, and upgrade our entire database within minutes. We could run ad-hoc SQL queries and expect near real-time performance. We could also quickly

Zap to the Future

We officially rolled out our Zapier integration last month, and we’ve seen a bunch of really cool uses for it, both internally and from our users. You can check out the big list over at our entry in the Zapbook, but I want to highlight a couple of our favorites.

Now Available: Template Folders!

This week, we rolled out a feature that we’ve been really excited about for a while because we know it’s something a lot of our users want: template folders! We’ve been fiddling with the exact functionality based on all of your wonderful feedback, so here’s what it looks like right now.