Digging Into Data From 50M Transactional Emails

As part of our ongoing mission to help everyone send better emails, we recently took a random (and anonymous) sample of 50,000,000 transactional emails sent through Sendwithus and began to investigate the data. To start, we wanted to classify the purpose and intent of every email. We devised a hacky (and unimaginative) algorithm to sort each email

Sendwithus is Upgrading to Jinja

**UPDATED: See our latest Jinja v. Django Benchmarks, here** TL;DR – We’re switching to Jinja Templating. This won’t affect your existing templates and promises great new features to come. =] Since the beginning, Sendwithus has used the Django Templating Language to power your email templates. This decision came with a lot of advantages; Django Templating is

Announcing Sendwithus+Postmark Partnership

Sendwithus customers are amazing. We launched over a year ago and in that time we’ve met so many amazing marketers who wanted to take control of their transactional email. When you want to manage email templates outside of source code, we’ve got you covered with the best templating solution available. Bells and whistles like A/B Testing,

We’re Partnering with SendGrid to Make Transactional Email Even Easier

We’ve got some big news to share today. We’ve partnered with our friends at SendGrid, the industry leader in email delivery. SendGrid is a cloud-based platform based in Boulder, CO. They solve the problem of email delivery at scale by delivering emails on behalf of companies. Since graduating from the TechStars accelerator in 2009, they

A Better Approach to A/B Test Analysis

We’ve made some radical changes to the math behind our open-source A/B testing library, Confidence.js. We want to bring you up to speed on how it works.

Sendwithus Update Sixteen

Holy crap, we’ve got some cool stuff to talk about in this update. Here goes. New Experimental Editor We’ve launched a brand new template editor with full WYSIWYG support, based on the ever popular CK Editor.

Lean Product Feedback via Email

The Lean Startup movement has undeniably had a massive impact on the startup world as a whole, and it has especially been felt by us here at Sendwithus. In the early days of Sendwithus, adopting lean methods for customer development and lean analytics techniques for data decisions was incredibly important to how we validated our ideas.