Sendwithus Update Fifteen

Hey! We’ve rolled out some new features this week that we’re pretty excited about. Here’s what we’ve got for you: URL Analytics Test API Logs Tag-Based Template Filtering

A/B Test with Confidence.js

Confidence.js is a simple JavaScript library that helps you make sense of your A/B test results. It uses the conversion rates of A/B test variants to determine if one of them is likely to perform better. Confidence also lets you know if there is enough data to make the final decision. Here at Sendwithus, we know

Sendwithus Update Fourteen

Just last week we were presenting at YC W14 Demo Day, and amongst all the craziness we’re happy to announce another major update to Sendwithus! Let’s dive right in. New features in this update: Multiple ESP Accounts Email Webview (“view in browser links”) Bounced Email Address Report

Sendwithus Joins AirPair Trusted Partner Experts

Sendwithus is fortunate to have a brilliant technical team committed to building an awesome product. We are proud to announce that we are a Trusted Partner for our friends at AirPair. We are collaborating with over a dozen of the world’s most innovative tech companies to offer trustworthy integration support.

More Than Text: Sendwithus API Supports Attachments!

The Sendwithus dev team launched our most requested feature this week – attachment support on email sends! Now your transactional emails can include file attachments, such as images and PDFs. This is a major improvement and a much-requested feature for customers who want to A/B test important emails that contain more than just text. For

Our Friends at Nobly Write Open Source Parse Cloud Code Module

Sendwithus is eager to contribute to the open source community. We maintain several open source clients for the Sendwithus API.  Today, we want to highlight a new open source library for Parse. This comes from the friendly folks at Nobly! Check out the new library.