No-sletter Volume 2: Fun With Data

On this week’s edition of No-sletter, we’re talking with Morgan Kazan, who runs email marketing for DonorsChoose – an amazing charitable organization that gives the donors control over where and how their donation is spent.

As we mentioned in volume 1, an email that warrants a direct, personal response from your user may be the most valuable interaction you can possibly create. So when we asked Morgan about it, she instantly pointed us towards their consecutive annual donations email.



No-sletter, Volume 1: Cellular, Modular, Interactiveodular

Making the move away from a standard newsletter

What if I told you you could see a 70% boost in open rate while increasing the frequency with which you contact your users? This is a story of someone doing exactly that.

Most newsletters seem to exist simply for lack of a better idea. Someone said “we need to use email… more” and someone else said “mk I’ll start a newsletter.” No-sletter is a series of real life ideas and inspiration to help you imagine those better ways and the stories of how they came to be. That’s not to say a newsletter is never the answer, but it should at least be multiple choice.

Today we’re going to go on a journey into the magical world of modular design. For our starting point, I’ve dug up an old copy of this newsletter from our good friends at 8tracks. Back in the days of yore, they had a newsletter much like any other; it had a standard, web-like template, nice looking images, and clever copy. But it had some problems. Continue…