Our New Best of Breed Partner Program

The days of the ‘all singing, all dancing’ marketing platforms are dwindling, and are being replaced by customers wanting to adopt cost-effective best of breed solutions for each critical aspect of their email marketing needs.

Sendwithus is the perfect platform to bring your selected set of partners together into an overall solution – and now we are launching the Sendwithus Partner Program to make that even easier! Continue…

The Time for New Templates is Meow.

In conjunction with our friends over at ZURB, we are excited to unleash the latest template theme for our Open Source Email Template library: Meow! ZURB is known to be the best for responsive emails due to their Foundation for Emails framework – ensuring that even with customization, your emails will look amazing across nearly any device.

Starting with that great foundation, we’ve gone the extra step of running every template through Litmus for a test drive across 40+ email clients and devices. A preview is included below: 

welcome Continue…

Implementing Two-Factor Authentication for Dummies

What is Two-Factor Authentication and why you should be interested

It is no surprise that security is a hot topic when building a modern web application. As the CEO of Ashley Madison could probably tell you, having your account stolen is not only annoying, it can be downright embarrassing. Having only a password is no longer the secure option it used to be. Users are vulnerable to social engineering or simple carelessness if they leave passwords on sticky notes (usually attached to their monitors). A password can also be revealed through the use of brute-force techniques by hackers. Therefore it’s no longer a question of should Two-Factor Authentication be implemented in your web application, but rather when.


hacking Continue…

The Clash of the Snakes

BattleSnake 2016 was last week, and there is still excitement throughout Victoria about what an amazing event it was! With one hundred more people than expected showing up, BattleSnake turned to be a 350 person event. That’s three times the amount of participants as last year! We completely took over the entire Engineering and Computer Science Building from all day, only to fill up Felicita’s campus pub afterwards. Click to watch the Advanced Division Finals!


Important News for Mandrill Customers

This week Mailchimp grabbed the headlines of the email world by announcing that Mandrill, their transactional email service upon which a number of Sendwithus customers depend, will be folded into their Mailchimp offering as a paid add-on. They have also provided an FAQ to answer detailed questions.

Mailchimp has given current Mandrill customers until April 27th, 2016 to merge their accounts into paid Mailchimp accounts. Tom Davis at Mailchimp assures us that all Mandrill functionality will continue to work as is until that date, and that for those customers who choose to merge their Mandrill accounts into a paid Mailchimp account that all Mandrill API keys, templates, etc. will continue to work as expected past the April 27th deadline. Continue…

No-sletter Volume 2: Fun With Data

On this week’s edition of No-sletter, we’re talking with Morgan Kazan, who runs email marketing for DonorsChoose – an amazing charitable organization that gives the donors control over where and how their donation is spent.

As we mentioned in volume 1, an email that warrants a direct, personal response from your user may be the most valuable interaction you can possibly create. So when we asked Morgan about it, she instantly pointed us towards their consecutive annual donations email.



No-sletter, Volume 1: Cellular, Modular, Interactiveodular

Making the move away from a standard newsletter

What if I told you you could see a 70% boost in open rate while increasing the frequency with which you contact your users? This is a story of someone doing exactly that.

Most newsletters seem to exist simply for lack of a better idea. Someone said “we need to use email… more” and someone else said “mk I’ll start a newsletter.” No-sletter is a series of real life ideas and inspiration to help you imagine those better ways and the stories of how they came to be. That’s not to say a newsletter is never the answer, but it should at least be multiple choice.

Today we’re going to go on a journey into the magical world of modular design. For our starting point, I’ve dug up an old copy of this newsletter from our good friends at 8tracks. Back in the days of yore, they had a newsletter much like any other; it had a standard, web-like template, nice looking images, and clever copy. But it had some problems. Continue…

Your New Email Super Power: Device Testing With Litmus

We’ve been working on a killer new upgrade to Sendwithus that should really improve your experience creating, updating, and testing your emails and understand your customers’ experience. The upgrade comes in two forms: a cool new editor feature, and a powerful new dimension to reviewing sent emails.

Last year, we rolled out the side-by-side code editor/preview along with the click-to-scroll functionality that finds the line of code responsible for any element you click on in the preview. This year, we want to raise the bar even more so we’re introducing Device Testing, powered by Litmus.

Device Testing will allow you to preview what your fully rendered email will look like in any major client, quickly scan for errors, and generally take the anxiety out of pushing changes to your emails. Have a look:

See your emails rendered beautifully in over 40 different email clients.

See your emails rendered beautifully in over 40 different email clients.


Happy Holidays From Sendwithus

As everyone here is taking time to be with their families, pets, and neglected Fallout 4 campaigns, our in-app live chat support will be unavailable from December 18th to January 3rd. API and Dashboard functionality will be unaffected.

If you run into any issues, you can reach us at support@sendwithus.com, which we‘ll be keeping an eye on as always. If you just want to wish us a Happy Robanukah, Life Day, Festivus, or other holiday of your choice, catch us on twitter, @send_with_us.