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Set up recurring campaigns painlessly!

Set up recurring campaigns painlessly!


At sendwithus, we believe that setting up recurring email campaigns should be a walk in the park…

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This is why we’re happy to announce that we’ve automated the process behind setting up and querying for recurring daily and/or weekly pitches. This complements the capabilities of Connect perfectly—a recap: Connect allows marketers to access all customer data in real-time, directly from the source, from within the email tool. By being able to effortlessly access (and thereby leverage) all of the customer data you have in your arsenal, you can create continuously evolving, sophisticated multi-dimensional segments. These segments will change as customer data changes within its natural habitat; no stale CSV imports or data transfers necessary!


Inlining Like It’s 1999

One of the more peculiar frustrations of email development is that many email clients strip out the data in your head tag. This means your CSS has to be written inline in a style tag to avoid being amputated. “But,” you may be thinking, “that doesn’t sound very Cascading at all!” and you would be right.

yeah, get in line
Luckily, if you’re using our editor, you never needed to know any of this because we inline everything behind the scenes automatically. If, for whatever crazy reason, you’re not using our editor, that’s fine. It’s your loss. We’re not even hurt. It’s FINE! In fact, it’s so fine we want to do something nice for you, so we’ve made our CSS inliner available for everyone–you don’t even have to log in. Continue…

The Time for New Templates is Meow.

In conjunction with our friends over at ZURB, we are excited to unleash the latest template theme for our Open Source Email Template library: Meow! ZURB is known to be the best for responsive emails due to their Foundation for Emails framework – ensuring that even with customization, your emails will look amazing across nearly any device.

Starting with that great foundation, we’ve gone the extra step of running every template through Litmus for a test drive across 40+ email clients and devices. A preview is included below: 

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Implementing Two-Factor Authentication for Dummies

What is Two-Factor Authentication and why you should be interested

It is no surprise that security is a hot topic when building a modern web application. As the CEO of Ashley Madison could probably tell you, having your account stolen is not only annoying, it can be downright embarrassing. Having only a password is no longer the secure option it used to be. Users are vulnerable to social engineering or simple carelessness if they leave passwords on sticky notes (usually attached to their monitors). A password can also be revealed through the use of brute-force techniques by hackers. Therefore it’s no longer a question of should Two-Factor Authentication be implemented in your web application, but rather when.


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Now Available: Template Folders!

This week, we rolled out a feature that we’ve been really excited about for a while because we know it’s something a lot of our users want: template folders! We’ve been fiddling with the exact functionality based on all of your wonderful feedback, so here’s what it looks like right now.

New Folder under the New dropdown menu

Simply create a new folder just like a new template 


Introducing “Oxygen”

Fresh from the desk of our friend, Kaitlin Rathwell, we’re really excited to announce the addition of the beautiful new Oxygen template theme to the Open Source Template Library. It’s clean, pleasant, and approachable with tons of really useful components – perfect for a spring refresh. Check out a preview below or you can see renderings of each in any email client on the litmus screenshots for each template.

As always, every template in the library is available directly in the sendwithus editor and the library as a whole is on Github for anyone who wants to contribute. It’s all released under the Apache 2.0 license, so it’s free for everyone forever.

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What We Do For Fun(zies)

We have a tradition at sendwithus tentatively referred to as “Funzies Friday” – yeah it’s a bit of a working name – but the idea is that, every once in a while, we take a day and focus entirely on fun stuff we would like to see integrated into sendwithus. This time we took two days, so buckle up, because there’s all sorts of new hotness rolling out.

Conversion and Revenue Tracking

It’s the next big thing at sendwithus: Conversion Tracking! Gaze upon its wonder!

conversion and revenue tracking analytics

A few users already have it up and running and, once we iron out some of the kinks and gussy up the documentation, we’ll be rolling it out for everyone. If you just can’t wait that long, hit us up at and we can talk about getting you on board ahead of schedule.


How to use template-specific Jinja variables with Snippets

Recently, we received a question from a customer that prompted us to scratch our heads for a few seconds: “How can I use template-specific variables that aren’t passed into the data field of the API to send mail?” We did some research and devised a pretty simple and interesting solution.

The idea is to set up a Snippet which includes a variable of your choosing. Then you can set that Jinja variable separately in each template.

Snippet Setup

You can insert a variable into the snippet that will be pulled from the template