Python Templating Performance Showdown: Django vs Jinja

A few weeks ago, we announced that we would be upgrading our templating language from Django to Jinja and discussed some of the reasons for doing so. At the time we promised a follow-up with more depth on the technical details. Today we’re here to fulfill that promise.

As mentioned previously, the three big reasons we’re upgrading to Jinja are that it’s highly extensible, fast, and easy to sandbox. We also considered Genshi and Mako, but eventually landed on Jinja because, in addition to fulfilling our criteria, Jinja had the advantage of being based on Django. This meant that it already rendered almost all of our Django templates correctly from the get go and wouldn’t require as much work to migrate everyone over.

Clearly Jinja has a lot to offer, but today we want to focus on the performance advantages, so let’s get benchmarking!


Sendwithus is upgrading to Jinja

**UPDATED: See our latest Jinja v. Django Benchmarks, here**

TL;DR – We’re switching to Jinja Templating. This won’t affect your existing templates and promises great new features to come. =]

Jinja Templating Engine

Since the beginning, Sendwithus has used the Django Templating Language to power your email templates. This decision came with a lot of advantages; Django Templating is well documented, easy to use, and easy to develop for.

However, we’ve grown rapidly over the last few months and we’ve met some great customers along the way that want to do new and interesting things with their templates. We’re really excited to build these features and provide the experience our customers want. Continue…

Viewing Archived A/B Tests

We’ve updated sendwithus A/B testing to give you access to completed and archived test results!

Now you can compare new tests against old ones, and make sure your A/B tests have long-lasting effect.

You’ll find your archived A/B test results right below your active A/B tests on the A/B Testing page.

Here’s a quick screenshot showing the juicy details!



We’ve Made A/B Testing Better

We’ve rolled out some exciting updates to our A/B testing feature, based on recent customer feedback. So exciting in fact, we decided to write about it.

We heard from a lot of our customers that they would like to be able to access their email templates while an A/B test is running, and we agree this is super important.

Now you can view a template that’s being A/B tested, and also edit and create new versions that are not involved in the test! Additionally, you can now preview the versions while managing the A/B test.

Check out this video for a brief walkthrough!

Beans. Cool ones.

sendwithus update sixteen

Holy crap, we’ve got some cool stuff to talk about in this update. Here goes.

New Experimental Editor

We’ve launched a brand new template editor with full WYSIWYG support, based on the ever popular CK Editor.

Experimental Template Editor

Experimental Template Editor


Email Template Internationalization

We’ve released new i18n support for template translation and internationalization. This is an early version of a very exciting translation workflow we’re working on.

Greg @ sendwithus shows us how it works.

sendwithus update fourteen

Just last week we were presenting at YC W14 Demo Day, and amongst all the craziness we’re happy to announce another major update to sendwithus! Let’s dive right in.

New features in this update:

  • Multiple ESP Accounts
  • Email Webview (“view in browser links”)
  • Bounced Email Address Report


Play Tag with Your ESP

We’ve been hard at work at sendwithus pumping out new features. Our latest release is the added ability to tag your email sends through our API with custom tags.

Screenshot 2014-02-18 22.04.38

Email tags help you organize and group your transactional emails. Tag your emails with anything from different types of emails to specific details about your emails. Since sendwithus has always supported email tagging through our dashboard and now grants you an extra level of control over your transactional emails.

For more details on how to use our new email tagging functionality, check out our API docs.

Keep an eye on the sendwithus blog for product updates, feature releases, and general awesomeness.