Introducing “Oxygen”

Fresh from the desk of our friend, Kaitlin Rathwell, we’re really excited to announce the addition of the beautiful new Oxygen template theme to the Open Source Template Library. It’s clean, pleasant, and approachable, with tons of really useful components – perfect for a spring refresh.

SparkPost + Sendwithus

Today we’re excited to announce our newest ESP integration: SparkPost, the slightly less enterprise-y version of Message Systems’ Momentum platform. When I say slightly less, you should know that the Momentum platform powers email for companies like Twitter and Facebook, so some of the highest volume transactional senders in the world.

What We Do For Fun(zies)

We have a tradition at Sendwithus sort-of referred to as “Funzies Friday” – yeah, it’s a bit of a working title – but the idea is that every once in a while, we take a day and focus entirely on fun stuff we would like to see integrated into Sendwithus. Recently we took two days,


tl;dr – For security reasons, we’ve completely disabled SSLv3 access to both the Sendwithus API and web app. Affected customers will need to take action to ensure they’re not attempting SSLv3 connections with our API.

How to Use Template-specific Jinja Variables with Snippets

Recently, we received a question from a customer that prompted us to scratch our heads for a few seconds: “How can I use template-specific variables that aren’t passed into the data field of the API to send mail?” We did some research and devised a pretty simple and interesting solution.

New Email Survey Templates

Today we’re releasing 8 responsive email templates to help you survey your customers and gather feedback about a question or issue. Measure customer satisfaction, dive into creating a Net Promoter Score, or simply ask how their day’s going – it’s up to you.

Post Mortem: Sept 5th, 2014

On September 5th, 2014, Sendwithus rolled out a major infrastructure upgrade aimed at increasing API throughput and email delivery times. Update: All affected customers were notified and the issue was fully resolved.