The Email Power Hour and the Value of A/B Testing

In 2016, Sendwithus hosted a recurring event at our San Francisco HQ – The Email Power Hour. We invited local email aficionados and nerds alike to join us for some snacks and drinks while geeking out on email. One of these events focused on the topic of A/B testing.

A Peek Inside Pinterest’s Growth Operation

As part of our mission to develop a platform that serves teams of all shapes and sizes, we love to collect stories about how different teams approach email, internationalization, and growth in general. To that end, we sat down with John Egan from Pinterest, to talk about what it means to run a modern, worldwide engagement platform within

Viewing Archived A/B Tests

We’ve updated sendwithus A/B testing to give you access to completed and archived test results! Now you can compare new tests against old ones, and make sure your A/B tests have long-lasting effect. You’ll find your archived A/B test results right below your active A/B tests on the A/B Testing page. Here’s a quick screenshot

A Better Approach to A/B Test Analysis

We’ve made some radical changes to the math behind our open-source A/B testing library, Confidence.js. We want to bring you up to speed on how it works.

3 Simple Ways to Write Subject Lines that Get Your Email Opened

What determines a good email? Let’s face it, we decide whether or not to open an email the same way we decide whether or not to open a book, by the cover. And that’s why the key to great email starts with the subject line. After the sender name, subject lines are your first point

Sendwithus Update Sixteen

Holy crap, we’ve got some cool stuff to talk about in this update. Here goes. New Experimental Editor We’ve launched a brand new template editor with full WYSIWYG support, based on the ever popular CK Editor.

A/B Test with Confidence.js

Confidence.js is a simple JavaScript library that helps you make sense of your A/B test results. It uses the conversion rates of A/B test variants to determine if one of them is likely to perform better. Confidence also lets you know if there is enough data to make the final decision. Here at Sendwithus, we know