The Email Power Hour and the Value of A/B Testing

In 2016, Sendwithus hosted a recurring event at our San Francisco HQ – The Email Power Hour. We invited local email aficionados and nerds alike to join us for some snacks and drinks while geeking out on email. One of these events focused on the topic of A/B testing.

No-sletter, Volume 1: Cellular, Modular, Interactive-odular

What if I told you you could see a 70% boost in open rate while increasing the frequency of your emails? This is a story of someone doing exactly that.

No Newsletter is Good Newsletter

Despite our frequent disapproval of newsletters, we understand that there is a certain need to maintain regular contact with users, even if they’re not constantly engaging. We know how hard it is to give up cold turkey, though, so one of the main goals of assembling our How to Email Like a Startup guide has

A New Approach to Drip Campaigns

Patience and persistence are the most powerful forces available to people who want to make change. That’s why, for marketers, drip campaigns are such an effective tool. Not only do they allow you to do more with less, but they also nurture your leads, inching them closer and closer to conversion. We worked closely with