Don’t Start a Drip Campaign

Don’t get me wrong, we here at sendwithus love drip campaigns. But when we sat down with our friend Noah Kagan of AppSumo to talk onboarding emails, it became very clear that – especially for startups – a drip campaign to address the pain points in your product might be presumptuous; to heal your users’ pain, first you must experience it.

“But how do I experience the pain of something that’s not happening to me?” asked the robot. The same way you do in real life: ask, listen, and be available. These are the tenets that guide us through our latest installment in the Pirate’s Guide to Email: The Onboarding Campaign

even robots have empathy, sometimes


A New Approach to Drip Campaigns


Patience and persistence are the most powerful forces available to people who want to make change. That’s why, for marketers, drip campaigns are such an effective tool for persuasion. Not only do they allow you to do more with less, but also, they nurture your leads, inching them closer and closer to conversion.

Earlier this year, we work closely with Speek to make their drip campaigns even more powerful – driving their user activation rate up to 20% higher than other methods.

“Drip campaigns, in particular, really drive our activation rate in a meaningful way.”

– Matt Turner, CTO at Speek