How Spotify’s Preference Center is Good for Customers and Great for Marketing

For as long as email has existed, common wisdom has held that the bigger the email list, the better. While some businesses might be happy with a list of 1,000, others say that 100,000 isn’t enough. Another way to look at email lists, though, is to consider quality over quantity. If everyone on your list

ICYMI: How to Succeed at Email Marketing in 2018

Matt Harris, Sendwithus co-founder and CEO, published an article on earlier this year on some of the key strategies and trends for email marketing in 2018. With social platforms’ constantly changing algorithms, it’s becoming harder and harder to make it into a customer’s feed, and even harder to stand out once you’re there. As a

ICYMI: 7 Interactive Email Ideas For B2B Marketing

Sendwithus co-founder and CEO, Matt Harris, recently published an article in Chief Marketer about several ways B2B marketers can leverage interactive elements in their email campaigns. Traditionally associated with B2C marketing, and sometimes with eye-rolling disdain, B2B marketers are discovering that interactivity can work for them, too. Find out what Matt had to say about making

Don’t Let Big Emails Cost You Big Sales

Despite what they tell you in Texas: bigger is not always better – at least when it comes to email. Sidebar: during my three-year tenure as an Austinite, I was very disappointed to learn that not all toast in Texas is Texas Toast. I know, I know – I was just as devastated as you.

How to Send Email Like a Startup

During Y Combinator, word got around that there was an email company in the batch. And as the program progressed, there was a steady stream of other founders asking us how they could improve their email. We’re always more than happy to answer these kinds of questions, but to make the information available to everyone, we’ve