Gmail Changes to Support CSS Styles

Here at Sendwithus, we’re a team of email nerds who like to keep on top of email news and happenings. Gmail recently made a few changes that affect the lives of email designers, developers, and strategists and we want to be sure you’re in the know. Gmail now supports CSS media queries!

New Open-Source Email Template Available – Mantra

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Open-Source Email Template Library: the Mantra template. Mantra’s design is simple, with clean and responsive transactional templates in 9 versions – from a Welcome email to a “Win Back” offer, they’ve got you covered.

Cerberus: A Template that Teaches You to Code Emails

While there are plenty of tools out there that help you draft emails using a friendly interface, your true email potential will always go untapped if you’re not comfortable digging into the code a bit. Since email is largely a self-taught profession – I’ve never met anyone with an email design degree – usually this means

It’s Okay If You Block My Tracking Pixel

We’re sending and receiving more email than ever, and it’s not only because people love email. It just works. And to understand which emails are working and how well, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves. What doesn’t always enter the conversation, though, is whether or not the user is comfortable with those tricks.

How to Send Email like Uber

Uber is a company built around the customer experience; from the slick app to professional drivers, every step is designed to convey a polished brand and experience.  One of my favorite parts of the Uber experience is the receipt email you get after taking a ride. And that’s not just because I’m an email buff

Getting the Most Out of Your Preheader Real Estate

What Exactly Is a Preheader? When your email client displays the contents of your inbox, it gives you a couple of pieces of information. Most obviously there’s the sender and subject – these are handled pretty much the same universally. Then there’s some information on when the email was received, if it has been read,

The Myth of Deliverability: Plain-text vs. HTML

Is there a risk associated with sending HTML email instead of just plain-text? We alluded to this debate in our guide to welcome emails. There we recommended HTML emails with the stipulation that you should test both. The reason for that stipulation, however, was more about preference than deliverability. Does Plain-text Email Really Have 100% Deliverability?