Your New Email Super Power: Device Testing With Litmus

We’ve been working on a killer new upgrade to Sendwithus that will improve your experience creating, updating, and testing your emails. It will also help you better understand your customers’ experience. Last year, we rolled out the side-by-side code editor/preview, along with click-to-scroll functionality that finds the line of code responsible for any element you

#TEDC15 Was Delightful and Diverse and I Can’t Wait to Go Back

The Email Design Conference, or Litmus ConpHerence, as it would have been called if I were in charge (yes, we’re all thankful I wasn’t) was the first conference I’ve been to in my professional career that was legitimately fun without forcing said fun upon you. There were times specifically dedicated to “networking” as it were,

The Top 3 Trends from the Litmus Email Design Conference

When Sendwithus asked me to represent the team at the first Email Design Conference in London, I jumped at the opportunity. I thought I would maybe learn a thing or two, and at least get a trip out of it. Was I ever wrong. The conference was a whirlwind of talented presenter after talented presenter.