No Newsletter is Good Newsletter

Despite our frequent disapproval of newsletters, we understand that there is a certain need to maintain regular contact with users, even if they’re not constantly engaging. We know how hard it is to give up cold turkey, though, so one of the main goals of assembling the Pirate’s Guide has always been to highlight and elaborate on great alternatives to the newsletter. So as we were putting together our most recent chapter on the best emails for user retention, we met with our friend Andrea over at 8tracks, to talk about what they did when they got rid of their monthly newsletter.

One really important thing that Andrea mentioned at the outset was that the newsletter was already being outperformed by almost every other type of email they were sending. This is not uncommon and totally in line with our own findings but, crucially, when they asked themselves “How do we get people to read the newsletter?” one of the proposed answers was “Make it… not a newsletter.”8tracks email digest