3 Simple Ways to Write Subject Lines that Get Your Email Opened

What determines a good email? Let’s face it, we decide whether or not to open an email the same way we decide whether or not to open a book, by the cover. And that’s why the key to great email starts with the subject line. After the sender name, subject lines are your first point of contact with a customer. It’s where your company can offer value, pique interest, and invite engagement. So, what makes a good subject line? That’s the question our friends at 8tracks.com tackled earlier this year.


SuperHero Email Recap

Earlier this week I was in Denver, Colorado, visiting our good friends at SendGrid. I was mostly in town to sample the amazing Denver BBQ, but I had a secret side mission. A live webinar with SendGrid’s Jillian Wolhfarth, talking smack about transactional email, and sharing some exclusive case studies in email optimization. If you missed our webinar, stop reading NOW and go check out the slides.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way… time to answer some of the awesome follow up questions that we received!


Editing HTML Emails without Technical Knowledge

In 2014, the process of creating well-designed emails is horrendous. But emails are written in HTML so it’s just like creating a web page, right? Wrong. Most email applications support only a small subset of HTML features and this subset often varies across email apps, leaving an even smaller subset of features that work across all email apps. So yes, creating an HTML email is like creating a web page – In 1998. So how can we make email creation and design easier?