I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now

It’s no secret that here at Sendwithus, we are big supporters of cloud-hosted email templates. Overall, moving transactional emails from hard-coded within an app to the cloud makes emails more accessible to different teams and generally easier to manage.

But before you start making waves at your workplace, be sure to consider how this impacts all teams: Marketing, Product Managers and Developers. Changing workflows and shifting tools/processes at any job is rarely met without some level of pushback. Keep in mind that there’s always a learning curve to any new tool, for all users. The best way to get ahead, and to have a successful rollout, is to consider how this change will impact all stakeholders.

Consider your colleague's perspectives and get your team on board.

Consider your colleague’s perspectives and get your team on board.

For more on what to consider before you start your transition, check out this post by our CEO Matt Harris, the ABC’s of moving to cloud email templates.

Email Zen is on the Horizon

We are thrilled to announce our latest addition to our Open Source Email Template library: the Mantra template. Mantra was built by the super-talented folks at Email Monks. The Monks have reached a new level of coding zen – over at the monastery they code and design email newsletters, landing pages, and responsive emails for a multitude of brands and agencies across the globe. Give them a shout if you need some #blessed emails.  

Mantra’s design is simple, with clean and clear transactional email templates in 9 versions; from a Welcome email to a “Win Back” offer email, they’ve got you covered.


Cerberus: A Template that Teaches You to Code Emails

While there are plenty of tools out there that help you draft emails using a friendly interface, your true email potential will always go untapped if you’re not comfortable digging into the code a bit. Since email is largely a sort of self-taught profession (I’ve never met anyone with an email design degree) usually this means digging into an email coded by someone else or–and good luck with this–code generated by one of those editors you used to consider friendly.

Our latest addition to the Open-Source Template Library, Cerberus, is a set of templates that is meant to bridge that gap. If you already have a general idea of how HTML works, but you shudder at the thought of trying to sort out the 239 different tables in some existing code, give em a look!

hybrid template using max-width

The Cerberus templates were created by our friend Ted Goas to serve as basic frames to build on when creating your own designs, but the first step of doing that is deciding between a couple of different design methodologies: Responsive, Fluid, and Hybrid. His rundown of each method’s strengths and weaknesses is a wonderful jumping off point if you’ve been hearing these phrases but have had a hard time nailing down what they mean.

The Time for New Templates is Meow.

In conjunction with our friends over at ZURB, we are excited to unleash the latest template theme for our Open Source Email Template library: Meow! ZURB is known to be the best for responsive emails due to their Foundation for Emails framework – ensuring that even with customization, your emails will look amazing across nearly any device.

Starting with that great foundation, we’ve gone the extra step of running every template through Litmus for a test drive across 40+ email clients and devices. A preview is included below: 

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Overhauling Your Transactional Emails in Two Days

As an email company, we know all too well the perils of a fractured and inconsistent identity between your product styling and your email design. Email is your primary means of communication with your customers and should reinforce how they see your product. Leaving it as an afterthought can greatly deteriorate your customers’ experience.

Sendwithus’ goal is to make that process easier for transactional emails, but were we leading by example? What did our own emails look like?

Follow own advice

There was no consistency to our emails and this was something we needed to change. The following outlines the steps we took to improve our customers’ experience throughout the email process.


How to Send Email like Uber

Uber is a company built around the customer experience; from the slick app to professional drivers, every step is designed to convey a professional brand and experience.  One of my favorite parts of the Uber customer experience is the receipt email you get after taking a ride. Why? Aside from being an email buff, Uber does an exceptional job of including Dynamic Content in the subject line of every ride receipt.

Take a look at a snapshot from my inbox:

Dynamic Content in Uber ride receipts

Dynamic Content in Uber ride receipts


Introducing “Oxygen”

Fresh from the desk of our friend, Kaitlin Rathwell, we’re really excited to announce the addition of the beautiful new Oxygen template theme to the Open Source Template Library. It’s clean, pleasant, and approachable with tons of really useful components – perfect for a spring refresh. Check out a preview below or you can see renderings of each in any email client on the litmus screenshots for each template.

As always, every template in the library is available directly in the sendwithus editor and the library as a whole is on Github for anyone who wants to contribute. It’s all released under the Apache 2.0 license, so it’s free for everyone forever.

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