How to Interview for Success in 4 Easy Steps

Like almost every startup, Sendwithus had very little, if any, formal process around interviewing in our early days. Hiring was based on personal interactions, how interviewers felt about interviewees, and answers to the often different questions that were asked of different candidates applying for the same role. And the process was fairly drawn out. TLDR;

QA Testing a Product with Cypress

Do you feel confident your team is shipping code that won’t break production? Building a product is tough: ensuring the promised value of your product matches the value that is delivered can be difficult. Deploying possibly untested code to your application has the potential to break features in unanticipated, and often unseen, ways. Fortunately, your

Culture First Conference

A few weeks ago, I was able to attend the inaugural Culture First in San Francisco, a conference for culture-focused HR and operations professionals. It was inspiring to connect with culture leaders from all over the world. One attendee came all the way from Israel to be there! Sessions were categorized under the three focus

Growing a Vibrant Tech Community in Victoria

Sendwithus has always been a community-focused company. From organizing the next Battlesnake or Startup Slam, sponsoring local hackathons, to providing mentorship to students and young professionals, we believe that building our community is just as important as growing our business. A strong, vibrant, and diverse community means that our team is able to connect with

ICYMI: Localization is Key to Global Reach

Matt Harris, Sendwithus co-founder and CEO, published an article at Business 2 Community earlier this year about the importance approaching localizations as a crucial component of optimizing the customer experience across multiple markets. Content localizations and translations usually involve complex processes, often outsourced, that are further compounded when applied to constantly evolving email content. Keeping that