It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of Sendwithus Lite!

Our goal has always been simple pricing that grows with our customers – and now we’re making it even more simple by consolidating Starter, Business, and Growth plans into Sendwithus Lite.

Sendwithus Lite is a usage-based pricing model beginning at $100/month and will scale by the number of email recipients you send to each month. On average, switching over to this new pricing plan will save customers up to $40/month. And don’t worry – we will still offer a free plan for our users who send less than 1,000 emails/month. (for more details, see our FAQ below)

Aside from varying levels of support, you’ll notice that each plan has a few differences in feature availability. We’re also renaming our Sendwithus Enterprise product to simply Sendwithus. This change reflects our focus on the development of more advanced product features like Connect database integration and scheduled marketing campaigns.

Lean on me: Support Changes

We are very proud and lucky to have an outstanding support team on staff. We take great pride in customer satisfaction and are committed to serve all of our customers and helping make their emails the best they can be. To better help support our platform’s growth, we will retain email support for all plans however our Live Chat feature will now only be available for paid customers.

I’m a current customer, what does this mean for me?

Sendwithus Lite will launch on Friday, January 13, 2017. If you are a current customer on a current plan, you will be grandfathered in and experience no changes in pricing or service, pending the usage stays within the sending limits. If you’re on a current plan and wish to change to a different legacy plan (e.g. Starter, Business, Growth), you have until January 12, 2017 to make a change. If you do nothing during this time, your plan will remain the same. Alternatively, on January 13th, you are able to switch to the new Sendwithus Lite plan. Note that after switching, there will be no reverting back to a legacy plan.


What happened to Starter, Business, and Growth plans?

If you’re a customer on or before January 5th – your legacy plan remains the same. We are transitioning all three of these plans under the Sendwithus Lite umbrella.

What is Sendwithus Lite?

Sendwithus Lite is a complete package to handle your transactional and lifecycle email needs. We’ve designed it to scale affordably with your usage and positioned Sendwithus to be ready for your Enterprise email needs.

Why the changes?

By consolidating the legacy plans, we’ll streamline the Sendwithus Lite customer experience, reducing confusion, and simplifying billing for our customers.

What happened to the Hacker plan?

As a Y-Combinator company, supporting small businesses and fellow startups remains a priority for us even with transitioning Sendwithus to an Enterprise product. The Hacker plan lives on as a free version of Sendwithus Lite, called Sendwithus Trial. You’ll still be able to send up to 1,000 emails/month as well as access some of our best features.

Can I still use Live Chat?

Live Chat will still be available within the app for all paid plans, including legacy (Starter, Business, Growth). Sendwithus Trial accounts (free), will be able to contact our support team via email (

How does this new usage-based pricing work?

For Sendwithus Lite, $100/month is the base fee and includes your first 1,000 recipients. After those 1,000 recipients, there is a charge of $4 per 1000 recipients, rounded down to the nearest cent.

For example, Pugville T-shirt company on the Business plan ($199/month), who sent to 17,800 recipients in a month. With Sendwithus Lite, Pugville would be charged the $100 monthly fee and then $4/1000 recipients after that:

17,800 – 1,000 = 16,800 recipients

16,800 / 1,000 = 16.8

16.8 x $4 = $67.20

New monthly billing amount = $167.20

That’s a savings for Pugville T-shirt company of $31.80.

What happens if I keep the Legacy (Starter, Business, Growth) plan and I go over the sending limit?

If you’re on a legacy plan and are consistently exceeding the sending limit, our Accounts team will be in touch to transition your account to Sendwithus Lite. Throughout this your account will still be able to send email.

What is the maximum number of recipients on the new Usage Based Pricing model?

There is no maximum usage. When your business is ready, you can switch from Sendwithus Lite to Sendwithus, enabling features such as Campaigns (scheduled marketing campaigns) and Connect (direct database integration).

Are recipients unique over the month? E.g. If we email 100 times a month, is that considered 1 recipient?

While an ESP will likely charge on a per email sent basis, the only cost accrued with Sendwithus is by unique recipient. In this example, 100 emails to the same address is considered 1 recipient.

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