Which Email Service Provider Should You Use?

Choosing an Email Service Provider (“ESP”) is really challenging. You need to trust your provider to get your emails delivered.

This is an important decision that impacts your ability to communicate with your customers. A provider that is cost effective today may not scale with your needs as you grow. With so many good options, it’s difficult to learn how ESP differ and pick one that’s right for you.

At Sendwithus, we partner with the best ESPs and are often asked by customers “Which ESP should I use?”.

The answer is: “it’s complicated”. Here’s how we break it down.


It’s Okay If You Block My Tracking Pixel

We’re sending and receiving more email than ever, and that’s not just because people love email so much that they can’t help it. It just works. And to understand which emails are working and how well, we’ve got  a few tricks up our sleeves. What doesn’t always enter the conversation, though, is whether or not the user is comfortable with these methods.

Recently, there’s been an uptick in the popularity of plugins and extensions that block the functionality of tracking pixels. As a marketer, it may be your instinct to panic at this thought, but there are other options, perhaps even better ones, to give you insight into the performance of your emails.