Editing HTML Emails without Technical Knowledge

In 2014, the process of creating well-designed emails is horrendous. But emails are written in HTML so it’s just like creating a web page, right? Wrong. Most email applications support only a small subset of HTML features and this subset often varies across email apps, leaving an even smaller subset of features that work across all email apps. So yes, creating an HTML email is like creating a web page – In 1998. So how can we make email creation and design easier?


Case Studies: SuperRewards

At sendwithus, one of our favorite customers is SuperRewards. They are a great company that helps game developers monetize more users in their games and apps. When we started working with their Director of Marketing, Derek Shanahan (@dshan), we knew he was excited to get visibility and control over the transactional emails they were sending to their customers’ end users. When we started working with SuperRewards, they were already providing a great email experience by using our partner SendGrid, but we noticed one transactional email that really stuck out; it was a payment receipt sent to the end user.


The Top 3 Trends from the Litmus Email Design Conference

The following blog post features sendwithus Front-end Developer Karl Horky (@KarlHorky)

When sendwithus asked me to represent the team at the first Email Design Conference in London, I jumped at the opportunity. I thought I would maybe learn a thing or two, and at least get a trip out of it.  Was I ever wrong.

The conference was a whirlwind of talented presenter after presenter.  A positive vibe permeated the conference center. It had endless networking opportunities with great people. As I furiously took down my notes, I noticed these top trends woven through the presentations: