What We Do For Fun(zies)

We have a tradition at sendwithus tentatively referred to as “Funzies Friday” – yeah it’s a bit of a working name – but the idea is that, every once in a while, we take a day and focus entirely on fun stuff we would like to see integrated into sendwithus. This time we took two days, so buckle up, because there’s all sorts of new hotness rolling out.

Conversion and Revenue Tracking

It’s the next big thing at sendwithus: Conversion Tracking! Gaze upon its wonder!

conversion and revenue tracking analytics

A few users already have it up and running and, once we iron out some of the kinks and gussy up the documentation, we’ll be rolling it out for everyone. If you just can’t wait that long, hit us up at beta@sendwithus.com and we can talk about getting you on board ahead of schedule.

Fresh Segmentation UI

If you make regular use of our segmentation capabilities, you may have noticed we’ve made a couple of changes in the UI to make the experience a little smoother.user segmentation UI

If you’ve never used segmentation, it’s easier than ever to get started with – we’ve even added a couple of prebuilt user segments for you.

Open Source Template Library Integration

Along the same lines of making it easier to get started with sendwithus, we’ve also fully integrated the Open Source Template Library into the in-app template manager. Now, when you’re creating a new template, you can browse and pull directly from our selection of open-source, responsive, emails. If you want to check them out without logging in, you can swing by the Open Source Template Library and browse the selection

access the open source email template library directly from the app

New Buttons!

We’ve also added a couple of useful buttons around the site to streamline things overall. Including a copy-to-clipboard button for API keys, template IDs, and the like.

copy template id

There’s also a new button in the editor actions menu that allows you to lock a template. This will prevent anyone from making edits to the template (I know, right?) until editing is re-enabled.

version locking You can also now export your analytics across multiple templates by pressing this handy-dandy Export as CSV button

export analytics as csv



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